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What A Journey!

I thought hard and long about what this article should entail. My head failed to come up with a lovely post, but an excellent mind came up with some soothing words. Here is a beautiful piece from a friend and devotee. LOL . I'm sure some of us can relate to its content. Kindly read aloud on your beds, savor each paragraph, and be strengthened. " On your mark Get set Go! These words were not spoken to me before I chose to pick up the baton to run this race. I kept running without looking back, still am. But I haven't stopped to wonder what type of a race this is. I mean, what type of a race validates a fall but rebukes a retreat, at the same time mandates its participants to uplift lagging/dropping mates right on the journey? What type of a race encourages its athletes to run, not for the medal at the finish line but a love for the journey What type of a race mounts up hurdles that limit its athlete's speed but strengthens their zeal
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Wait on The Lord

How does it feel to be left on 'hold'  by God? Depressing? Fraustrating? Draining? Unproductive? I know just how you feel in case you're there right now.  We're together my dia! I know how useless you feel seeing people you're "better than" making progress. Not because of envy or anything, just that in your heart, you know you ought to be above your current level. You feel you're lagging behind and you have a lot to catch up with. You feel the enemy is after your soul, and the people from your father's side are possibly 'doing you' lol . No, my love. It just might be God telling you to hold on. You might be running too fast and He needs you to slow down. He has a plan for everyone, and in his mapping, there's a place for time.  The Bible makes it clear to us that there's a time to give and a time to refrain from giving. Also, a time to build and a time to sit back, and calculate the cost of building, before executing. For now, you


I hope I get forgiven for being so far away, yet very close?🥺  A lot has been going on in my head and I promise to share once I can fully comprehend them. But before then, I thought to drop this here, and I hope it helps someone. I Got up to read one of my favourite devotionals this morning but when I saw the topic " Gratitude ", I just felt there really wasn't anything new to learn. Notwithstanding, I read it but definitely didn't study it.  Fast forward to me going about my daily activities with hindrances everywhere.  First, the cooking gas finished just in the middle of preparing breakfast, then many more annoying events occurred. At some point, I got really irritated and angry that I punched hard at a wooden door and flung it open (I still don't know how that door didn't come down, because the force I used on it ehn😂). I had a lot of frustrations that I had been suppressing, and the stuffs going on in the day were not helping matters.  Sadly, I took out

All I desire

I promised in my last article to write you sooner than ever. So, here comes the bride lol . This is a prayer request from a "huge fan". Read aloud, pray along and let the Holy Spirit minister to your soul. Teach me to be good, teach me to dwell on your path. Teach me to do things aright, teach me to say the right things. Teach me to fight my pasts, teach me to always lean forward. Teach me to overcome my failures and fears, teach me to be strong. Teach me to remember I have you to depend on, teach me to always remember that you’re right by my side. Control my eyes from sadness, control my heart from anxiety. Control my feet from places I’m not wanted, stop my legs from going to places where I’d not be appreciated. Control my decisions from haste, control my eyes from greed. Control my lips from over-excited jestings, control my mouth from blabbings. Help, for my household and I have suffered, friends have mocked us, and families have shamed us. We need your urgent interventio

The Mapped out Plan😌

Happy New Month!! 🎊🎊 Hope it's not too late to say "happy new year" too? Better late than never my dears, I apologize🥺. It's beautiful to write to you again. The most anticipated story I failed to share last year is what I'm about to share right now. So grab a cone of popcorn and enjoy. Actually, be blessed. I grew up with the fantasy of becoming a dentist. Don't ask why. I guess my mind had just created enough images of dentists and seeing myself as one felt angelic. The regular admission process was on and I didn't make it for the University of Lagos' cutoff, but miraculously (or so I thought) the then Ondo State governor; Dr. Olusegun Mimiko had just established the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) right in my home town and was open to students for application. My parents were excited. They were hopeful I wasn't going to miss a school year as they felt things were going to work in my favour, being an indigene of the locality,

Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

Who wants to hear my life's story? I've tried not to document anything on this year's lockdown experience, but I can't help it. It was an experience that shook everyone. Nations went helpless, governments went clueless, people got lifeless but God was potent.  I remember living in fear at the very beginning, seeing the death records rise every minute in various countries and of course the shootings and robberies on the Nigerian streets. Staying indoor all day, and getting the news that people around were taken to isolation centres, weren't helpful either. I mean all of these got me afraid and I'm sure everyone else got frightened too. I remember almost having a panic attack one evening after going to the bathroom to ask God various questions. Things got real and the only asset everyone was fighting for was life . Now, there was an endsars protest which, oh my.. wasn't as productive as we all thought it would be and again, people went into hiding to p

Christ "dusted" it!!

It was time for our regular family's morning devotion, and as always, I had to motivate myself to get up from my bed cause I didn't want my mum knocking tirelessly on my door in a bid to wake me up. No, don't judge me please, I'm far from perfect, and yes, I love my morning naps. Getting up for anything in the morning requires a lot of self motivation for me😂. Anyways, I got up, rumbled a few words; "thank you Jesus for this morning" and made my way to the living room.  My father began leading the devotion, first with a session of worship songs, a session of the word and then our daily devotional manual. Now, if it will interest you to know guys, I was sleeping all through this process. I mean from the praise and worship, to the teaching of the word. I was so engrossed in my sleep when I suddenly heard my father call my name, with a stern question flowing from his lips... "Oore, What did Jesus do when Peter struck the high priest's servant's